Melissa Jackson Bookkeeper For Kinko Company Cannot Prepare A Bank Reconciliatio

Melissa Jackson, bookkeeper for Kinko Company, cannot prepare a bank reconciliation. The bank statement showed a $2,955.82 balance. Melissa’s checkbook showed a $3,301.82 balance.

Melissa placed a $510.19 deposit in the bank’s night depository on June 30, 2015. The deposit did not appear on the bank statement. The bank included two DMs and one CM with the returned checks: $690.65 DM for NSF check, $8.50 DM for service charges, and $400.00 CM (less $10 collection fee) for collecting a $400.00 non-interest-bearing note. Check No. 811 for $110.94 and check No. 912 for $82.50, both written and recorded on June 28, were not with the returned checks. The bookkeeper had correctly written check No. 884, $1,000, for a new cash register, but she recorded the check as $1,069. The May bank reconciliation showed check No. 748 for $210.90 and check No. 710 for $195.80 outstanding on April 30. The June bank statement included check No. 710 but not check No. 748.

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