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How can understanding your work values and maintaining a positive attitude contribute to our success in our careers and life?Please be as specific as you can.Example: When I was younger I wanted to be a scientist. However, looking at my value system, I realize that I am really a people person and thrive in the company and service of people.Once you have done this I want you to elaborate on your subject. This will require effort and thought on your part. You also want to have enough information so that your classmates also have something to work with when they post their thoughts to you.ALL DB ANSWERS AND RESPONSES TO YOUR CLASSMATES ARE TO BE POSTED IN THE DISCUSSION FORUMS SECTION OF THE COURSE USING YOUR OWN WORDS TO EXPLAIN WHAT YOU LEARNED DURING YOUR RESEARCH.ÿDF answers must be submitted by Wed. at 11:59pm EST post a response of at least 200 words to the professor?s instructions. Also, required are substantive replies of at least 100 words to at least three (3) other classmates? postings. Replies are due every Saturday evening by 11:59 pm EST. APA style for both in-text citations and references must be used in all discussion postings. Ten percent will be deducted for each instance of failing to do this. The online library contains helpful links to assist you in following APA style. These are scholarly dialogs so merely stating opinion is not acceptable. Positions must be supported with material from the course textbook or other reputable academic sources such as articles from the Mercy online library.Writing is a critical skill for college students to attain for their future professional success. In this class, your weekly postings to the discussion board are a major component of the written work you are expected to submit. You should pay attention to APA style, grammar, and spelling as well as the content of your presentations as all will be evaluated during review and grading. Your responses to the postings of other students should be relevant and substantive. They can add additional material, respectfully question what was posted, offer alternative explanations, etc. There are minimum word count requirements for both the Wed. and the Saturday post assignments (posts containing just a few sentences or statements of agreement or disagreement only or those that stray away from the topic don?t contribute anything to these scholarly dialogs and won?t earn points?after one grace-period correction without penalty, repeats of such submissions will void the points for the entire discussion board portion of the course).ÿBy the way i’m hoping to become a nurse

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