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This is an assignment that focuses on the construction of a new detached dwelling house. It is a report to convince the client on your abilities and also solutions.,The construction of a new detached dwelling house,Proposed development of a detached dwelling house at University of Westminster Harrow Campus.,The University of Westminster is proposing to construct a new detached 4-bedroom dwelling house at the Harrow Campus to provide an on‐site family home for the Manager of the Halls of Residence. The University of Westminster wants to have an ethical approach towards the construction of the dwelling house, the main focus is to limit the carbon footprint for both the construction process and to reduce the cost of running the dwelling after the completion.,The group forms part of a special project’s unit for the new build residential dwelling. As construction consultants, you have also been instructed by the company’s Director to produce a technical report, which proposes the method of construction for a detached 4-bedroom property.,Additionally, the purpose of the report is to convince the client, ,University of Westminster of the Company,’s ability to deliver a modern or traditional Solution.,REPORT,The developed design and supporting rationale will be required to be submitted to the client., The coursework requires your team to consider the sustainability aspects of the design, construction and also its performance. Subsequently, the aim of the coursework is for you to demonstrate your understanding on how innovative construction technologies can be applied to a new building to help reduce the energy consumption.,(a)    The report needs to demonstrate that your proposals would work with the subject building’s site and location, and the benefits they would provide with regards to reducing building energy consumption., The proposals need to be fully compatible with the Building Act 1984, Sustainable and Secure Buildings Act 2004 and also current ,Building Regulations, Your report is to be with the following supporting information (as a minimum): –, 1.     A title page., 2.     A content page., 3.     An abstract., 4.     A clear introduction setting out the constraints brought about by the following:, a.     The building’s use, b.     The site and location, c.      Legislation, d.     Health and Safety, 5.     Location Plan,

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