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This is a paper that is focusing on the analytical analysis of a topic in a comprehensive essay. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing this assignment paper well.,Analytical analysis of a topic in a comprehensive essay,The goal of this paper is to construct a fair-minded, unbiased, analytical analysis of a topic in a comprehensive essay.,Firstly, this is not an opinion piece or a persuasive essay that simply aims to prove or reinforce what you already believe. This would be confirmation bias, and also bias must be avoided in this project., This project needs to avoid harsh rhetoric or language that is harmful and hurtful in nature. The point is to be objective and unemotional in your approach., This essay should be written in a fair, academic, respectful, and analytical manner regardless of any of your opinions, feelings, or preconceived notions about the topic.,Both sides of your topic must be treated with equal attention, both in terms of the number and quality of sources and in the depth and breadth of their presentation in your essay. Both sides should be addressed in the same number of paragraphs in roughly equivalent detail, and should be supported by the same number of quality sources., You must identify and define rhetorical devices and also logical fallacies on both sides of the argument. Be sure you indicate which specific rhetorical device and fallacy you have found, and there is evidence in your sources of these course concepts in practice that is cite in your paper., You will present statements and claims for analyzing both sides of the topic. Only then should you state you own conclusion as an objective, critical thinker given the information presented.,Analytical analysis of a topic in a comprehensive essay,Topic Selection: Students should select a topic they are very interest in that has academically legitimate research that supports a two-sided argument. Suggested topics include:,Gender neutral bathrooms, Police brutality/excessive force, Sex education in shool, Immigration reform, Taxpayer-funded health care, ,Refugees seeking asylum, Physician‐assisted suicide, Gun laws, Marijuana legalization (specify medical vs. recreational use), Spanking to discipline children, Organic vs. non-organic foods, E‐cigarettes vs. tobacco cigarettes, Human-caused climate change (check with your professor on specifics), Effects of social,Essay Format: Your essay must be 5–7 pages (1600–1900 words) in length. The abstract, title page, and also reference list do not count in the page or word count. The essay must have the following elements:,Times New Roman, 12-point, Double-spaced, 1-inch margins, Proper Level I and Level II APA section headings for all major sections of the essay, All other applicable APA formatting,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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