Macroeconomics Reserved for Hifsa

-You will be required to complete one paper that is no more than a 2 page writing assignment

-What you will be doing is acting as a consultant to the President and telling him your suggestions for what you recommend doing in the economy given the current economic situation. You must present at least 2 different data indicators to help support or refute your argument on the policy recommendation. Your focus should be on the role of the data indicator on the direction of the economy. In your work, you will be required to use APA formatting for your title page, reference page, and in-text citations. Please note that appropriate presentation is required for submission of your work.

Here are some tips:1. Variables must be from or sources from syllabus2. In your analysis, make sure that you are using specific economic terms that you learned from the course. Also, you will need be specific to your recommendations as this is critical given your position as being a consultant to the President. In your work, please explain why you picked those specific data and how does it affect and explain the current economic situation. The movie review should follow the same type of format. Review your syllabus for more information.3. Work must be in APA formatting

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