Locate reliable sources of evidence pertinent to common geriatric clinical issues

Locate reliable sources of evidence pertinent to common geriatric clinical issues

  • Analyze the impact of the key findings from the Institute of Medicine’s landmark studies of quality and safety in health care on mandates for change
  • Explain the key elements of translational research
  • Describe the link between the need for improving care and evidence-based practice
  • Locate reliable sources of evidence pertinent to common geriatric clinical issues

Assignment Overview

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Quality and safety in a specific health care setting
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Describe an issue of quality and safety for a specific health care setting and locate and describe clinical practice guidelines for addressing the problem.


A three-page (750-word) paper


Step 1

Read and reflect on issues of quality and safety.

Review several of the key concerns addressed by the Institute of Medicine regarding the quality and safety of health care for older adults. Also review the difference between “foreground” and “background” questions in translational science.

Step 2

Write a paper.

Include the following in your paper:

  • Choose a specific health care setting.
  • Identify an issue addressed by the IOM that you believe to be appropriate to this specific setting and describe how you see this “background” question.
  • Briefly describe a specific patient scenario for this setting and state the safety and quality concern as a “foreground” question for this specific patient.
  • Locate clinical practice guidelines that address this specific issue and briefly describe the key recommendations.
  • Include references, as appropriate, in your paper.




Intentional Learning and Reflection 15.0 pts Exemplary Identifies/addresses a relevant topic and a thesis that provides direction for the content that is engaging and thought provoking. The thesis clearly and concisely states the position, premise, or hypothesis and is consistently the focal point throughout the presentation. Demonstrates a sophisticated understanding and careful, critical analysis of the research topic and thesis (argument). Compares/contrasts perspectives, considers counter arguments or opposing positions, and draws original and thoughtful conclusions with future implications.
Decision Making and Clinical Reasoning 15.0 pts Exemplary Provides compelling and accurate evidence to support in-depth analysis to the central position beyond the required (2) research sources with at least 1 source from a periodical database. Research sources are highly relevant, accurate, recent (less than 5 years old) and reliable and add to the strength of the content.
Organization & Presentation 15.0 pts Exemplary Content is effectively organized. Ideas are arranged logically, flows smoothly, with a strong progression of thought from paragraph to paragraph connecting to the central position. Includes all required components (introduction, body, conclusion, citations, references, etc.). For a slide presentation, the design, font size, style, and spacing are optimal for audience viewing
Writing and APA Formatting 15.0 pts Exemplary Content is well written and uses standard English characterized by elements of a strong writing style. Basically, free from grammar, punctuation, spelling, usage, or formatting errors. APA guidelines for formatting are consistently followed. Includes in-text citations and references that are written correctly