lighting systems

You can choose any chapter discussed during this course and write a paper explaining how that specific topic relates to facility management; what is facility managements role, how does facility management influence the particulars of that subject, how does that subject related to operating cost, what are the challenges, benefits, how doe sit impact the customer experience? For example: Lighting systems, you may explain the different types of lights, which the most efficient, what are the benefits of a certain lighting system vs. others, how does lighting impact the customer experience, what are the different types of lighting (general, accent, task), what are they used for. You can use this example for any of the chapters.
Guidelines: Papers will be properly formatted, with all resources properly cited. Minimum of 3 FULL pages of actual content (8.5 x 11), typed, double-spaced, 1” margins, size 12 font. A works cited page does not count towards the 3 pages of content.

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