letter prepare a one 1 page change order

Assignment: Prepare a one (1) page change order to Apple, Inc. that strictly complies with the requirements of the A201-2007 General Conditions. The A201-2007 General Conditions have been uploaded to blackboard.
Grading Scale:
30 Points – Approved

20 Points – Rejected
Background Information:
You are General Contractor, LLC.

Owner is Apple, Inc.

Contract includes A201-2007 General Conditions.

General Contractor recently received a Construction Change Directive requiring it to add 280 Linear Feet of block wall around the north side of the building at a height of 8 feet. The cost to General Contractor, excluding profit, overhead, and general conditions, for the labor and material associated with the 280 LF of block wall was $27,200. The work took 10 days to perform and it was on the critical path of the construction schedule.

It is the end of the month and you want to bill Apple for the CCD work. Apple has given you permission to invoice the work as long as a change order is executed. It is now up to you to prepare and submit the change order to Apple for execution. If the change order does not strictly comply with the requirements of the contract it will be rejected and you will not get paid.

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