Last Week A Disk On A Windows Server 2012 System That Contained Csm Tech Publish

Last week, a disk on a Windows Server 2012 system that contained CSM Tech Publishing’s current project manuscripts crashed. Fortunately, there was a backup, but all files that had been added or changed that day were lost. No RAID configurations were in use. A new disk had to be purchased for overnight delivery, and the data had to be restored. A couple days of work were lost. The owner of CSM Tech wants to know what can be down to prevent the loss of data and time if a disk crashes in the future. The server currently has two disks installed: one for the Windows boot and system volumes and one for manuscript files. The disk used for manuscript files is about one-third full. There’s enough money in the budget to purchase up to two new drives if needed. What solution do you recommend, and why?

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