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Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeur from Letter III: What Is an American? What personal feelings, reactions, and memories did the text produce for you?,Michel-Guillaume Jean de Crevecoeur from Letter III,1. Firstly, What personal feelings, ,reactions,, and memories did the text produce for you?,2. What questions, answers, objections, and concessions did it produce? This is your chance to judge or opine. Be honest and be comfortable. TEXTUAL CRITICISM involves researching what others have said and/or written about the body of work of your author, specifically, if possible, the work you chose by your author. Center your study on pre-eminent critics and/or recent (last ten years) criticism of the piece if possible. If not, then feel free to go back as far as necessary to obtain good, solid textual criticism. Also, Focus primarily on the work you selected from your author, although analysis of other works by your author may be significant if you can make it relevant to your reader.,Must have a minimum of 3 sources for the paper (one source will be the reading itself) and a minimum of 3 quotes from the reading. Will need an introduction leading to the specific thesis statement and a conclusion finalizes the findings from the research. Paper should be laid out in this format: Historical Context, Biographical Information, Synopsis, Personal Response, and Textual Criticism., ,HISTORICAL CONTEXT,HISTORICAL CONTEXT involves writing about the time in history when the work you are studying took place or was set. You will want to make the reader feel as if she understands what was going on politically, economically, socially, etc. during the time frame of your work. BIOGRAPHICAL INFORMATION is based on the personal and professional lives of the author. Information will come from secondary sources. SYNOPSIS of the work by your author, you should try to make your audience familiar with the material to a certain extent. Perhaps your reader won’t feel as if she has actually read the text, but she should know key plot elements at the very least. PERSONAL RESPONSE to the literature should be just that. You must interact with and respond to the material by using some or all of the following questions:,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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