John Rawls S Conception Of The Veil Of Ignorance In The Light Of Susan Moller Ok

John Rawls’s conception of the veil of ignorance in the light of Susan Moller Okin’s rejection of the distinction between the public and private spheres.

what kinds of ideas and principles would come out if we applied it to the private sphere as well.

Think about two societies. Society 1 is the society we have now (the United States). Society 2 is a society that was designed by people in the original position, behind the veil of ignorance. The rules governing that society were made by people who were unaware of their own gender and sexuality. Once the society was created, of course, the veil of ignorance disappears and everyone knows what gender, sexuality, race, religion, etc., they are. 

what society that was designed from behind the veil of ignorance would look like, focusing on the private sphere. What are some of the differences between Society 1 and Society 2? Would gender/sex roles be created behind the veil of ignorance? In which society would you prefer to live?

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