Items Purchased Browse Time Min Zero One Two To 10 1090 Date 103 10 To 20 1500 2

You land a job at an online marketing/consulting firm after attaining a business degree with an emphasis in statistics. You walk into your office on the first day and there is an assignment sitting upon your desk.

The firm was recently hired by (a famous online clearing house for as-seen-on-TV junk items). ImpulseBuyNow wanted to know if the amount of time spent browsing by a customer at their online site associates to how many items the customer purchased.

You must figure out what to tell ImpulseBuyNow about their question.

Here is the data provided by ImpulseBuyNow:

extremely small

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Items PurchasedBrowse Time minZEROOneTWOto 101090DATE10310 to 2015002500509More than 205092500490

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