It S Better Late Than Never Boy This Is All So Confusing Said Ryan As He Stared

It’s Better Late Than Never!“Boy, this is all so confusing,” said Ryan as he stared at the papers on his desk. If only I had taken the advice of my finance instructor, I would not be in such a predicament today.” Ryan Daniels, aged 27, graduated five years ago with a degree in food marketing and is currently employed as a middle-level manager for a fairly successful grocery chain. His current annual salary of $70,000 has increased at an average rate of 5 percent per year and is projected to increase at least at that rate for the foreseeable future. The firm has had a voluntary retirement savings program in place, whereby, employees are allowed to contribute up to 11% of their gross annual salary (up to a maximum of $12,000 per year) and the company matches every dollar that the employee contributes. Unfortunately, like many other young people who start out in their first ‘ “real’” job, Ryan has not yet taken advantage of the retirement savings program. He opted instead to buy a fancy car, rent an expensive apartment, and consume most of his income.

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