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*Know all the important terms we discussed in the classroom, such as Islam, Iman, Ihsan, Hanif, Jahiliyyah, Ayah, Mecca, Asabiyyah, Hudaybiyah, Hijrah, Rashidun, Mu’tezilites, Ash’arites, Maturidis, etc.  

*What is the difference/relationship between Islam (action/praxis) and Iman (faith/theory)? How do they relate to each other? Answer with examples from the Qur’an and Hadith.

*Be able to explain different meanings (four) of the term “Islam.”

*What is the Hadith of Gabriel? Briefly narrate it and remark its significance for Islam as a religion. 

*Briefly explain Muslims’ views on life after death by focusing on the end of the world, life in grave, resurrection and judgment, and paradise and hell. Be ready to discuss especially the following issues: 1) The signs of the end of the world (lesser and greater signs), 2) Whether life in heaven/hell is spiritual only or bodily plus spiritual, 3) If the Qur’anic descriptions of Heaven and Hell are literal or metaphorical.

*What is the significance of “Angels” for Muslims? Know the four great angels and the main differences between angels, jinns (djinns), and human beings.

*Briefly explain the religious and socio-historical life of pre-Islamic Arabia. Explain the significance of this period for hermeneutical/interpretational purposes for understanding some of the teachings of Islam by focusing on the examples of gender equality, consumption of alcohol, and slavery.

*What was Muhammad’s attitude towards the virtues/norms of pre-Islamic people? Give examples of such norms. Did he totally reject them or not?

*Know the life of Muhammad and be able to provide a brief narrative of important events in his life, such as his birth, early childhood, marriage with Khadijah, reception of first revelation, early years in Mecca, migration to Medina, three important battles with Meccans, Hudaybiyah Treaty, the Conquest of Mecca, his final pilgrimage and its message, and his death.  

*What was the reaction of Meccans towards Muhammad’s message from the very beginning to the end? WHY?  

*What was the biggest immediate problem after Muhammad’s death and how was it resolved?  

*Briefly narrate the first three caliphs’ rule by focusing on important events during their rules.

*What are the six articles of faith? Be able to explain each one in detail.

*What does “qadar” mean? How does the concept of qadar relate to foreknowledge, predestination [human freedom/free will], and religious responsibility? Briefly describe the opinions of following schools of theology on this issue: Ash’ari’s, Mu’tezilites, and Maturidis.

* What is the problem of evil? What are some of the answers Muslims provide in order to resolve this problem? Do you think these answers are satisfactory? Briefly explain the Qur’an’s, theologians’, and philosophers’ approaches to this problem.

*What does “Manifest Success” mean? How did this idea originate? Do Muslims still believe in it?

*What is the Constitution of Medina? Explain its significance for a “pluralistic society.”

*Why did Muhammad participate in actual battles? Was he a violent person? What is the Qur’anic approach to war and fighting? Explain in the context of “Just War” theory.

*What is mosque? Compare early mosques with the modern ones in terms of their functions.

* What are the three immediate things Muhammad did after he migrated to Medina? Explain their importance.

*Explain God’s relation to human beings in the light of “revelation” and “prophethood.”

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