Is there a clear bias?

Government Current Event and Analysis
You will need to find, read and respond to an article regarding a political or legal issue in the United States. In writing your response, you should link the article in some way to the particular topic (unit) that we are studying in class. The article must be from a PRINT MEDIA source, and must be at least 500 words. (Dont spend time counting- this is to get you to understand that it is not simply a one paragraph news-blurb). These articles can be news stories, opinion pieces, longer investigations or editorial columns. They may not be articles that I have given you in class.
For our purposes, Print Media includes newspapers, magazines, or scholarly journals. Things like- Time, US News, The Economist, Wall Street Journal, New York Times, Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel, Washington Times, The Atlantic, Washington Post, etc. These may be accessed online or as paper copies. Print Media DOES NOT include NPR transcripts online, Fox News online,, etc. In other words, it should be from sources whose main focus is printed matter, not broadcast journalism.
You can find all of these resources at infotrac newsstand from the University Library
For each article, you need to type, and double space your response. It should be no more 2-3 pages, in 12 point font, times new roman. TURN IN A HARD COPY IN CLASS. It must also be turned in to by 11:59 pm of the date due. The assignment is not considered complete until both have been turned in
Your response should include:
• Name and Date at the Top of the page
• The Author, Title, Source, Date.
• A short summary of the article (2 or 3 sentences)
• Your response to the details of the article.
• Your analysis may include answers to questions like-
What are the main issues brought forth? What policy is being discussed? How does this relate to what is taking place in government currently? Historically? What point is the author trying to make? Is there a clear bias? How do you see it? What do you think of the points that the author made? In a column- does the author stretch the truth? What point are they trying to make? How does this tie into what we are studying?
Mark Schill
September 1, 2015.
Parker, Ashley. “As Donald Trump and Jorge Ramos Clash, Latino News Media Airs Its Offense,” New York Times 8.26.15
This article explains how Spanish Language media has focused more of its coverage of Mr. Trump on his views on immigration than the “mainstream” media. It suggests that while Trump has treated the Spanish language media poorly, they have focused predominantly on his commentary regarding the labeling of immigrants and the building of a wall. (END OF SUMMARY) The issue calls into question the statements made by Trump in trying to galvanize the country in his surprisingly popular campaign. It seemingly divides the country even more as Mr. Trump is attacking what is assumed to be an important voting block in the 2016 campaign. It also is interesting because it shows that some media forces seem to be becoming more advocates for certain groups, rather than unbiased reporters of events.