Is the introduction interesting and catchy?

explain more?4. Summary: Are there places where the writer is providing only summary without any analysis? Are there more outside ideassummarized then their own ideas in the essay?5. Intro: How well does the writer set his/her topic in the intro? Is the introduction interesting and catchy? What improvementscould be made?6. Logical Support: How well does each body paragraph support/prove the main point? Does each paragraph clearly tie back to thethesis with a topic sentence? Are there any points that dont seem to be connected to the thesis or main point of the essay?7. Textual Evidence: How well does the writer make use of outside sources to help prove each argument? Are there points that youbelieve have not yet been adequately proven? Does the writer set up each quote in a way that flows well and makes sense as thereader? In other words, do quotes and paraphrases prove a point the writer makes and then are clearly connected and explained?8. Analysis: How well does the author use analysis in order to explain his/her main argument and his/her own interpretation of the subject? In other words, is the essay mostly the writers interpretation and evidence proving the subject or is it a summary of