Is It Possible For An Individual To Be A Stakeholder For A Private Sector Entity

  1. Is it possible for an individual to be a stakeholder for a private sector entity, public sector entity, and a nonprofit agency all at the same time?
  2. Can one be a stakeholder for a governmental jurisdiction and not even realize it?
  3.  Can any governmental jurisdiction in the nation can decide to utilize a two-year budget cycle simply by passing a resolution of the governing body?
  4. Would fiscal experts argue that a jurisdiction’s bond rating (from agencies like Moody’s) should NOT be considered when making a decision (Capital Bonding vs. PAYG) because the jurisdiction is going to pay interest on the bonds in any case?
  5. When comparing revenue streams between government and nonprofit agencies -would most agree that the nonprofit is much more vulnerable because it doesn’t have taxpayer dollars as its chief and perpetual revenue source?

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