Is charisma an example of initial derived or enduringcredibility?

In the module, you studied that varying your vocal rate and volume could be used to bring different emotions. How might you use your voice to communicate the following emotions: sincerity, urgency, calmness, and caution? In your answer, give specific examples.

2. Listen to audio samples of Edward R. Murrow and President Franklin Delano Roosevelt at and How are these two voices different? Similar? How do the speakers use rate, volume, and inflection to communicate their personality and the meaning of their words? How does each speaker use pauses to add meaning to their delivery?

3. Is charisma an example of initial, derived, or enduring credibility? Give some examples to support your point of view.

4. Find a quote or short piece of writing to use for the basis of a speech to inspire. Write an introduction to that speech.

5. Research one famous person of your choice and write a short speech of introduction for that person. Assume that the person you select is coming to your group as a guest speaker.