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This is an assignment that reflects on Rolfe’s reflective model on an episode of care. The paper is exploring the episode of care and how it impacted your learning.,Rolfe’s reflective model on an episode of care,A reflective account using Rolfe’s reflective model to reflect on an episode of care from practice (2500 words – this essay could be written in the first person as it is based on your reflection on an episode of care – where applicable use the formative episode of care), Introduction (250 words): State what your essay is going to include – the aim of the essay. Identify the episode of care for example this specific episode of care relates to my …… State why this is an import issue for you as the learner. Briefly state that you will be using Rolfe’s reflective model to structure your reflective account. There is no need to explain all the steps of the model.,What (500): Here you need to describe the episode in greater detail. Highlight the key points. For example, what aspect of that episode of car are you reflecting on. Who were the key people involved (do not forget about the service user)? Why was this episode of care important to you? Consider giving an overview of the importance of reflection. Here you need to integrate the relevant literature on reflection. For example, what does the ,NMC code, say about being a reflective practitioner?,Rolfe’s reflective model on an episode of care,So What (1000): Here you need to explore how your involvement in that episode of care impacted on your learning. Consider how the experience links to evidence-based practice. For example, how it links to the Future Nurse Standard, Standards for student supervision and assessment, PAN London assessment document for example, the professional values which link to the 4 themes of the Code. You also need to consider what skills/knowledge/attributes you utilised or gained from the experience? Do you need to further develop any of these skills, knowledge/attributes (again do not forget about the service user)? How did the key people influence/enhance your episode of care? How did you use the application of reflection to help you to deconstruct the experience? Here, you could consider Carper (1978) ways of knowing to explore how you plan to the next step (now what) and to demonstrate what you have learnt.,Now What (500): This section is based on your reflection/learning so far. Here, you need to analyse how the experience would improve your future care delivery and the impact on your development as a student nurse for example, how would this impact on your preparation for P2 and the progression point 1.  Also consider the wider impact on your overall learning experience in terms of being proficient to deliver care – if faced with the same or similar situation what would you do differently and why., Conclusion (250): Here you need to provide a summary of your key discussion points. Do not introduce any new ideas.

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