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Reply to at least two of your classmates? posts/prep speech. Act as you?re in Henry?s position, and be antagonistic to the speech you classmate has presented.ÿRESPECTFULLY, provide reasons why their speech didn?t help. Your reply should be a minimum of 75 words long.NataliaHenry,ÿYou need to take more responsibilities in your professional and self-development. In order for you to determine a more efficient professional and personal development plan, you will first need to identify the skills you need to learn and this is possible through deep thought, self-analysis and daily observance. This action will be crucial to accelerate the attainment of your life goals as well as professional ones, which may be related in some way.ÿProfessional development involves the ability to fully understand the work you do and how you can improve it. It is about developing the skills required to take up a position (career) in the most effective way possible ensuring continued evolution. With so many changes happening every day, be it in economics, legislation or even the advancement of technology, it is important to develop a set of skills to maintain career excellence even in the face of uncertain scenarios. I understand your frustration when it comes to your coworkers.ÿAll healthy leaders want their team members to grow and flourish. What about delegating the tasks?ÿDelegating brings confidence to the team, responsibility, knowledge and evolution to subordinates.MarieÿIn this case study we have two colleaguesÿtalking about a situation that one has. Henry feels as if he is stuck in his career because he is not making any progress at his job. He complains that his boss gives him too much work and he has inadequate employees. He needs some serious professional advice to help him get out of his “funk”.If I was in Josepha’s positionÿI would tell Henry that he needs to develop himself and then he can work on helping developing others. Developing self is the second step according to Fallon, Begun, and Riley (2013) in personal development. According to Fallon, Begun, and Riley (2013) developing self requires “addressing gaps in performance of key managerial competencies”. Henry should do this by building on his strengths and keeping up with growth in knowledge of his field (Fallon et. al., 2013). Another point that I would stress to Henry is that managers are the one responsible for their employees development. If he notices that the employees are not up to standard it is his duty to guide them. According to Fallon, Begun, and Riley (2013) there is three approaches he can use to accomplish this. Henry could sponsor or role model for his employees, delegate tasks to challenge employees but help them along the road so they are not doomed for failure, and last provide feedback to the employees.

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