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This is a paper that is focusing on the Rumpole criminal barrister on physical disabilities and PTS. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment paper.,The Rumpole criminal barrister on physical disabilities and PTS,Answer all parts of this question., Rumpole, a respected criminal barrister, developed a crush on Portia, a junior barrister at his work. She rejected his advances, but he persisted. Rumpole’s increasingly odd behaviour worried Portia and she reported her concerns to PC Marek of the Temple Police Force. PC Marek took a statement, assured Portia that he would handle the matter with sensitivity and gave Portia a card with the victim support unit details on it. He advised Portia to always ensure her doors were locked when she was at home., Rumpole learned via workplace gossip of the police visit to Portia. He sent Portia a number of notes professing his undying love, likening them to ,Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet,.,Portia passed these notes onto PC Marek who assured her he would deal with matters. National Guidelines given to police forces suggested that the appropriate practice was to carry out follow up interviews with suspects within 24 hours of further reported incidents in cases such as Portia’s. PC Marek did not interview Rumpole as PC Marek had written down the wrong mobile phone number for Rumpole and not been able to contact him.,Two days after the notes were passed to PC Marek, Rumpole kidnapped Portia after she had left her back door unlocked whilst she was at home. He forced her to drink a drink heavily laced with drugs. Rumpole also drank this concoction and also died. Portia survived, albeit with significant disability and post-traumatic stress (PTSD).,As Portia left hospital she was struck by lightning, causing her to suffer further severe injuries., Rumpole died penniless and is not worth suing., Portia wishes to bring an action based on PC Marek’s negligence, seeking compensation for her physical disabilities and post-traumatic stress.,i)  Firstly, explain whether Portia is owed a duty of care by PC Marek (40 marks), ii)  Second, on the assumption that a duty of care existed, explain whether there was a breach of that duty (25 marks),iii)  Thirdly, explain how Portia could establish causation (20 marks), iv)  Fourthly, explain whether Portia’s losses are the kind that are recoverable, or whether her losses are too remote. (5 marks),v)  Also, explain whether there are any defences that could be raised (5 marks), vi)  If PC Marek is negligent, explain how the Temple Police Force could be,made liable (5 marks),Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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