Information is in the Description and is in an attachment…(Classical Conditioning in Everyday Life)

Option 2: Classical Conditioning in Everyday Life

Assignment Instructions:

Identify a form of classical conditioning that occurs in everyday life. Describe the process of creating a new behavior/response occurs using the principals of classical conditioning. You may opt in include other aspects of classical conditioning in relationship to your example (extinction, stimulus generalization, etc.).

Example: Advertising – modern advertising strategies evolved from John Watson’s use of conditioning. The approach is to link an attractive unconditioned stimulus with a conditioned stimulus (the product) so the consumer will feel positively toward the product. You may use information regarding classic conditioning in your text and/or academic resources.


  • Your assignment should be a minimum of 400 words of text (not including of any references/heading information such as name, date, course number, etc.).
  • Cite additional sources you use to write your assignment using APA.
  • Write in complete sentences using proper grammar and spelling.

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