In This Discussion Please Review Each Case Provide A Summary Listing Of Three Se

In this discussion, Please review each case.

1). Provide a summary listing of three self-care/community strategies to improve health and wellness with the rationale for the selection.

2). Identify two potential barriers to your strategies

3). How each can be overcome.

Case 3: Jackson Junction is a small city in the U.S. that has a high incidence of lung cancer and an unusually high number of reported smokers (1-2 packs a day) of teenagers and young to middle age adults. The local and state public health department has been concerned about these statistics and is seeking strategies to change these health behaviors. Last year they tried a television campaign showing what happens to people’s lungs when they smoke but the outcome was no change. In fact, many parents complained that the ads frightened their children. The public health staff is open to trying any new method or strategy to reduce or stop the smoking of, in particular, teens.

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