In The Payroll Class A A Public Instance Method Called Reademployeedata That Tak

In the Payroll class a a public instance method called readEmployeeData() that takes no arguments and returns no value. The method will need to read from the file employees.txt, which can be found in the project folder for this question, and which contains the name, grade and hours worked for each of the programmers in comma-separated format, as explained at the beginning of this question.

The code for the method should do the following:

• Use a suitable OUFileChooser method to allow the user of the program to locate the file to be read.

• Construct a buffered file reader object to read the filename the user identified.

• After each line of the file is read, use a Scanner object to extract the programmer’s data from it.

• For each line in the file a new Programmer object should be created and its instance variables set as follows:

– name should be set using the first token from the data for the current employee, when constructing the programmer object.

– grade should be set based on the next value from the line.

– hours should be set to the total hours worked for the current employee.

– To set the pay, compute the total pay the programmer is due using the method computePay() you wrote in part (ii). Use this value to set the programmer’s pay.

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