In A Completely Randomized Experimental Design Three Brands Of Paper Towels Were

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In a completely randomized experimental design, three brands of paper towels were tested for their ability toabsorb water. Equal-size towels were used, with four sections of towels tested per brand. The absorbencyrating data follow. At a .05 level of significance, does there appear to be a difference in the ability of thebrands to absorb water? Brand3 y z93 97 8099 93 8588 96 9086 96 75 Compute the values identified below (to 2 decimals, if necessary). Sum of Squares, TreatmentSum of Squares, ErrorMean Squares, Treatment Mean Squares, ErrorUse or = .05 to test for any difference in the mean attendance for the three divisions. Calculate the value of the F—test statistic (to 2 decimals). The p—value is – Select your answer – ¢ . What is your conclusion? that the mean absorbency ratings for the three brands are not equal.

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