If a health care organization decided to implement this model, what types of communication would need to happen to make the implementation a success?


1. Susan found Crestview Hospitals new billboard postings to be especially troubling because they were placed in a location directly adjacent to Briarwood Medical Center. What do you see as the pos-sible ramifications of these postings for Briarwood Medical Center? For example, how might patients of the establishment react? What about other community stakeholders?

2. Michael thwarted an opportunity to secure the prized billboards, seemingly resulting from negative views of marketing generally and advertising specifically. Despite solid evidence of the benefits of marketing and advertising when used appropriately, some in the healthcare industry possess views similar to those held by Michael. Why do you think this is the case?

3. What actions do you believe Briarwood Medical Center should take to counter Crestview Hospitals new billboard postings? Assuming that the governing board mandates that additional advertising funds be forwarded to Susan for bolstering Briarwoods advertising initia-tives, how would you recommend that these funds be spent? Please justify your recommendations.

4. Pamela seemed very upset about Crestview Hospitals billboards and she demanded answers. As the case concluded, it appeared that Susan was about to provide those answers, likely pointing the fin-ger at Michael. Given the billboard debacle, how should Briarwood Medical Centers governing board address Michael? Do you see his tenure at Briarwood threatened? Why or why not?