Identifying potential challenges to a successful transition to graduate nursing practice

Order Instructions:
9052: Transition to Graduate Practice
Assessment 1 – Identifying potential challenges to a successful transition to graduate nursing practice
(1300-1500 words, grade value – 40%)
Assessment 1 must be completed in 1300-1500 words (excluding the reference list) and is worth 40 marks.
The Assessment 1 paper should predominantly be written in narrative form.
The word limits show the minimum and maximum word count (excluding the reference list). Each 100 words or part thereof beyond the upper or lower limit will incur a 5% (2 marks) penalty.
Develop a reflective and critical analytical paper on three or Professional or systemic challenges, which you may experience, in transitioning from a student nurse to graduate nursing practice.
? Critically evaluate and analyse your personal experiences and understandings gained during your undergraduate nursing candidature and any current or previous work.
? Reflect on these experiences in light of the peer reviewed literature and other credible documents and reports on this topic, including in relation to the expectations of new graduate nurses from nursing peers, senior nurses and other clinicians.
? Provide a summative conclusion to your paper.
These are my four potential personal challenges from a student nurse to graduate nursing practice to be discuss as a reflective an encounter,
as follow,
Challenge 1- sudden death
Challenge 2- bullying
Challenge 3- shifts work
Challenge 4- Team work

While a scholarly work is expected, this assessment is substantially reflective, so the appropriate use of the first person is acceptable.
The following general guidelines for the presentation of the written papers must be observed.
· Use Word (.doc or .docx format)
· A Times New Roman font size ‘12’
· Double line spacing on A4 clear paper
· A left margin of 2.5 cm on each page
· All pages need to include a footer with the page number.
· Presented professionally in an academic style
· The paper must be expressed clearly and succinctly with correct grammatical expression and spelling
· Use a variety of credible sources to support the discussion, analysis and debate (it is expected that Student use database searches to obtain recent, refereed manuscripts)
· Adhere to the presentation requirements described specifically for each assessment activity
· APA (6th ed.) referencing style must be used. Use 10-15 Peer review articles from less than 5 years old are required.