Identify three local organizations in your community that deliver healthcare services to vulnerable populations.

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Assignment 1: Sociocultural Norms, Health, and Nursing The discussion assignment provides a forum for discussing relevant topics for this week based on the course competencies covered. Post a response to one of the two discussion topics below, using information from the lectures, reading assignments, library resources, and Internet resources. All responses should be posted to the appropriate topic in the Discussion Area.

Topic 1: Vulnerable Populations As you discovered in this weeks lectures and textbook readings, numerous vulnerable populations exist in the community. Based on your research findings, answer the following:

•Which population does each organization serve?

•What services does it provide?

•Where does it get its funding (local, state, or federal sources)?

•Evaluate the relative value of each organizations services to individuals and families in the vulnerable population it serves.

Topic 2: Stigma Associated with Disease Some vulnerable populations may have diseases, health impairments, and pregnancy that bring humiliation and predisposed judgment. Unfortunately, these health conditions can cause vulnerable populations to become ostracized by the general public.

•What ways would you choose to function as an advocate for vulnerable populations?

•Discuss the types of assistance you might provide to each of the following clients: ◦A 24-year-old pregnant woman who is currently homeless and unmarried ◦A 16-year-old girl who has run away from her foster home and who has an IV drug habit ◦An immigrant worker whose TB skin test just came back positive ◦An employed, married man who contracted Hepatitis B through a blood transfusion 30 years ago Citations should conform to APA guidelines. You may use this APA Citation Helper as a convenient reference for properly citing resources or connect to the APA Style website through the APA icon below.