Identify three ideas or concepts described in the textbook that are areas for personal improvement.

The goal of reflective thinking is to try to learn more about ourselves and our work by considering thoughts, feelings and actions. The goal of critical thinking is to try to evaluate ideas by determining how they fit with the concepts, ideas and theories expressed by others. Therefore, to be critically reflective, you must first describe your thoughts, feelings and experiences and then evaluate them based on the learning achieved through this class and course theory (textbook).
Critical Questioning
Effective discussion of experiences will utilize probing questions such as:
• What did you do? Why did you do it?
• What did you say or otherwise communicate?
• What actions did you or others take?
• Who was involved? When did it happen?
Insightful evaluation of yourself and your experiences occurs by asking questions such as:
• What actions should/should not have been taken and why?
• Was it an easy or difficult task, why?
• In what ways did you acquire skills? How did your skills add to the diversity of the group?
• How did/will you change your approach after new information and experiences were presented to you?
• How did this experience differ from your initial expectations, why?
Write a critical reflection research essay that addresses each of the following areas. All discussions must use terminology appropriate to the subject of group dynamics; have clear support from course materials, and the textbook.
A. Discuss your personal journey with your group throughout this course. How do your experiences follow theories learned in class? Which ones? Why?
B. Which strengths do you have that support your ability to be a good team member? Why?
C. Identify three ideas or concepts described in the textbook that are areas for personal improvement. In your discussion of why you chose these areas, address (i) how change in these areas will affect group dynamics and (ii) how you can implement these changes in your approach to future group work both within, and outside, the confines of school.