Identify the computer equipment and software available

The final assignment for this course involves two closely related tasks: writing a reflective essay and assembling a portfolio of selected coursework. To complete these tasks, first consider the following question: Of the three major essays in this course, which one taught you the most about effective communication?
Task #1: Assemble a Portfolio of Relevant Coursework
Look back through your all of your coursework this semester. Examine finished essays, drafts, peer comments, instructor feedback, reader responses, quizzes, planning and prewriting, class notes, and any other documents youve collected over the past several weeks. While looking through these documents, decide which one of the major essays taught you the most about effective communication.
Separate out the coursework related to the essay you choose. Organize those documents into an electronic portfolio. An electronic portfolio can be assembled using Tumblr, WordPress, Google Sites, Google Drive, etc. (But make sure your reader your instructor can easily access the site or files.) Make sure all documents are in a logical order and clearly labeled. See Portfolio Submission Link.
Note: You may need to scan in or print out some documents depending on how various assignments were graded and returned to you. Plan ahead. Work on this assignment well before the deadline.
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Example to create portfolio
Create Your Own Electronic Portfolio
based on the “5-by-5 Model” of Electronic Portfolio Development
2000, Helen C. Barrett, Ph.D.
Below are the stages in developing an electronic portfolio, as explained more fully in an article entitled, “Electronic Portfolios = Multimedia Development + Portfolio Development: The Electronic Portfolio Development Process”. Following each stage are the strategies that can be used, based on the level of difficulty of the tools identified, which are based on the competency level of the portfolio developer. Select the link to the appropriate tool to read further instructions on how to proceed.
I. Setting the Portfolio Context
II. The Working Portfolio
III. The Reflective Portfolio
IV. The Connected Portfolio
V. The Presentation Portfolio
Tutorials in PDF format
Stage 1: Defining the Portfolio Goals and Context
Identify the purpose and audience for the portfolio
Identifty the standards that will be used as the organizing framework for the portfolio
Identify the computer equipment and software available
Identify the level of technology skills of the portfolio developer
Select the appropriate portfolio level to begin electronic portfolio development:
Development Software:
Word ProcessorDevelopment Software:
HyperStudioDevelopment & Publishing Software:
HTML using Netscape Composer (or other HTML authoring programs)Development & Publishing Software:
Macromedia Director
Set up electronic folders for each standard to organize the artifacts (any type of electronic document)
You will know you are ready for the next stage when:
You have identified the purpose and primary audience for your portfolio.
You have identified the standards or goals that you will be using to organize your portfolio.
You have selected the development software you will be using and have completed the first stage using that tool.
Stage 2: The Working Portfolio
Identify the portfolio artifacts (examples of your work, hopefully in electronic form) or experiences you have that demonstrate that you have met this indicator. You may have artifacts that demonstrate more than one indicator, and that is fine.
Collect and store those artifacts in appropriate folders on your disk or server.
Interject personality into the portfolio design. Use some of the graphics capabilities of the software to add style and flair to the portfolio.
Use appropriate multimedia to add style and individuality to the portfolio.
Use a scanner (or camera) to digitize images [Level 2]
Use a microphone and sound digitizing program to digitize audio artifacts [Level 4]
Use a video camera, digitizing hardware and software to digitize video artifacts [Level 5]