Identify methods to be used to gather information.

The report plan is a plan written for the professor explaining what the report will consist of. Your audience is the professor. (The report plan is different than the actual report.)
Create a plan that identifies what information you will need to prepare a justification report making a recommendation to an organization to implement a particular product, service, or program. The organization may have a business, governmental, professional, or social focus.
The report may focus on a “real” or “made-up” recommendation, but you should direct the report to an actual organization, even if you do not plan to actually submit the report.
For the report, the audience within the organization will be whatever level is most appropriate to make a decision on the topic of your report.
1.Identify the recipient of the report. (To what organization will the recommendation be directed?)
2.Identify the topic of the report. (What product, service, or program will you recommend?)
3.Identify the purpose of the report. (What need or problem will the product, service, or program resolve?)
4.Identify potential resources that will be needed for support.
5.Identify methods to be used to gather information.
6.Identify criteria to be used to evaluate the information collected. (What factors will you consider to make your recommendation?)

Topic:fixing a dangerous intersection in your neighborhood
See below to use for info to possibly work into the assignment.I previously worked with a community action group to try and get a dangerous intersection in my community fix. I will be writing on this subject because the issue was never resolved and still is a problem for my neighborhood as of today. My audience is my neighbors and the entire Cobb community. New actions plans will presented at an upcoming meeting where we will continue to gather email addresses, phone numbers and do meet and greet to new neighbors recently moving into the neighbor to have them sign our petition. I will be trying to persuade our state representative and city council members of the ongoing traffic and safety issues regarding the dangerous intersection. Data will be presented that was previously gathered by our community action group and any recent statics relating to the intersections in terms safety, accidents and fatalities.

Cobb County Community Action group
Assignment notes to help students
In this week’s first discussion, you will discuss the potential topic for this report (identifying the recipient, the topic, and the purpose). Please read the writing assignment tab for this week for more details. If you have a few ideas in mind, feel free to share them all before officially committing. It will help if you create a situation statement :
Purpose:I want to argue in favor of :_______________.(What do I hope to accomplish by making this recommendation? Why is it important? What benefits would be realized? What problems would be eliminated? What questions would be answered? How would other people be affected? What obstacles must be overcome?)
About you: Why do you want to argue in favor of ________________? What makes your opinion important? How would the decision affect you?
About your reader: I need to convince __________________________. (Who is the person within the organization that has the power to change the situation? Why would they not want to listen to your idea?)
Sample topics to consider (to choose or to give you an idea of what you might write about):
•Improving learning conditions at Strayer University
•Creating a daycare center at work
•Addressing a problem with your child’s school or activities
•Changing or adding something to Strayer’s program
•Fixing a dangerous intersection in your neighborhood
•Abolishing Daylight Savings Time
•Improving the shabby appearance of _______
The smaller and more localized the problem the better. And please realize that the idea here is not just to fulfill one of the requirements for your writing class. It is to actually bring about some of the changes you propose. Ideally, you will convert this paper into a letter or proposal that you can send to the person (or group) who has the power to take action—whether that person be your local law enforcement official, a local or state government representative, a lawmaker, your boss, your child’s principle, the dean of Strayer University, your favorite charity, your local gym, and so on.