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Writing Assignment: After reading “For the Love of Money”, excerpt by Sam Polk, develop a 500-word essay while answering the following questions: Summarize Polk’s story. How compelling is Polk’s story? What became the problem in his life? What became a few solutions to the problem? Are you completely satisfied with his solutions? What advice would you give him? Now, read other stories of “life on Wall Street,” such as A brutally honest look at the life of a young investment banker; Also, (you may use Google) to determine how accurate Polk’s story is. You are required to use this source with in-text citations to help prove your points; use MLA style.

In the heading of your paper include your name, date, course, and title of assignment to the left of your margin. Type your assignment in a Word document. Indent each paragraph, double space, 12-inch font, Times New Roman Style. Save your file and submit as an attachment file.

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