I Need Help With My Discussion This Hospital Websites Contain A Wealth Of Inform

I need help with my discussion this

Hospital websites contain a wealth of information, from classes that are offered to the public, to research studies they are currently running. For this week’s discussion, complete the following:

  • Identify a hospital in your area and locate and review their website
  • Select one disease that is explained on the website. Summarize your findings on the disease and make sure to include any information about why the hospital stands out (number of cases, top physician, research, etc.). 
  • Conclude your post with a list of a minimum of 10-15 medical terms and abbreviations that were used in the disease explanation on the website. For each term, identify the term breakdown, which consists of: prefix, suffix, and combining form. For each abbreviation, identify the meaning. Your list should following your initial discussion post.  Note: If you are unable to find 15 medical terms and abbreviations, please reference another disease, article, or another hospital’s website.

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