I Have To Create A File Named Welcome Html Create Only One Html File Use Embedde

I have to Create a file named welcome.html (create only one HTML file). Use embedded style. Do not use an external CSS file.

Use CSS3. There’s no graphic involved.

Rome and Berlin have the same neon text shadow. Paris and London have the same fire text shadow. Each city name is in the center of the city circle. You can select any cities you want.

The middle circle (text Vacation) is larger than the circles for the cities. There’s a radial gradient color. There’s box shadow inside. The small circle inside has a radial gradient color (text Summer). It’s the same size as the circles for the cities. The text is 3D.

The 4 links when clicked are loaded on a new window.

Everything must be in the center of the screen (monitor) regardless of the screen size.

You must create exactly as shown below.

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