Humanities 1 Name Of Artist Bety Saar 2 Name Of Works The Liberation Of Aunt Jem

Humanities1. Name of artist: Bety Saar2. Name of works: The Liberation of Aunt Jemima3. Period/date : Post Modernism/ 19724. Location or origin: University of California Berkley Art Museum5. Medium and size: Mixed media assemblage 11 3/6” x 8” x 2/3/4”What does the work represent from its time period? What visual elements show that this work is from that time period? What does it symbolize? Include a brief background on the artist.Any information taken from another source should indicate the author and page number in parentheses, directly next to the information and then provide the complete reference.

Betye Saar Brief background on the artist:-Betye Irene Saar born on July 30, 1926 in LosAngeles, California is an American artist. She is known for her work in the field of assemblage.She…

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