How would the core values related to individualism or collectivism affect negotiations?

Identify, research, and compare and contrast how a company with operations in two countries—one in which the culture is collectivist (use Japan) and one in which the culture is individualist (use Ireland)—would approach the negotiation of a common labor contract about workplace hours for employees.Address each of the following questions:Compare and contrast the negotiating style of the two cultures.How would the core values related to individualism or collectivism, affect negotiations?Reflect on how these differences could affect communication within an organization.What are possible issues and what are some possible opportunities? Provide specific examples.Review the Week 6 Rubric to make sure that you have met all the guidelines for how your paper will be assessed.Format your slides using the guidelines in Chapter 1 of the West Writing Style Handbook for questions on text formatting.Prepare speaker notes for each slide (average 75 words per slide), a title slide, and a reference slide. For information on recording your PowerPoint®, you may wish to:Review “How to Record and Convert a PowerPoint Presentation for Playback.”Include and Cite at least four sources, three of which are scholarly sources from the West Online Library. The supplemental readings provided in the “Read” section of each week are a useful starting point. Citations are not needed on each slide unless slide content includes graphics or direct quotations taken from one of the sources. Follow these steps to search for additional scholarly sources:Review “What are Scholarly Sources?”Review “How to Use Scholarly Sources.”Navigate to the West Online Library.Type your ”Search” criteria in the box called ”Keywords.” For example try the keywords: individualism collectivism negotiationSelect ”Yes” to indicate that you are searching for scholarly sources.Select ”Search.”Research the available articles and choose three articles to cite.Use the West Citation and Reference Generator Tool to note citations and references