How would exposure to financial education empower and enable you to achieve your educational goals?

Essay Prompt:
Applicant must provide a typed, 500-word minimum essay
Describing their relationship with money.
In what ways would access to financial education improve your community?
b. How would exposure to financial education empower and enable you to achieve your educational goals?
c. Describe how your views of money differ from older generations.
d. Free response

An attachment, if applicable, of any extracurricular activities (clubs, honors, offices held, etc.) and church or community activities in which you are involved.

The awarding of the scholarships is based on high school academic standing (25%), school involvement and community service (25%), and essay (50%).
Awards will assist in paying tuition, housing, books or meal costs and SMCU will determine the method used to release scholarship funds.

Live in a two-family household with 3 siblings. Father highest education is high school. Mother decided as a working adult to pursue her academic goal for higher education – currently in pursuit of bachelors degree. Mother is currently attending school to obtain bachelors degree. I would be first generation college student for my family. Father is currently working 1.5 FTEs and mom working.

Grandparents migrated here from Mexico over 50 years ago and are an important part of my strive to academically succeed. My grandparents have touched many lives – neighbors, immigrants, foster youth and my own. I hope to affect people in the manner my grandparents have. I continue to want to do that, however it has expanded to include pursuit of college graduate degree.

My greatest support has been my family. I have two parents and three siblings.
My faith and commitment have aided me to excel academically, attain my current level of education and keep me hopeful in difficult situations. Faith has keep me in pursuit of financial assistance when our family was having difficulties. I have faith and I do not let the lack of money discourage me. Staying committed to myself. Consequently, private scholarships increase my ability to pursue college. My greatest assets does not include skills, charm or materials; they are my commitment, drive and faith. My desire to help others is the main reason I chose to become a Fire Fighter, beginning at the age of 11 years old. I made this decision due to my exposure and experiences I have been fortunate to be a part of. Education is an important foundation which I build my dreams. Throughout my life, my family, teachers, and mentors have helped me gain to this ever-changing world, along with the challenges that come with it.

Financial Hardships – last year my father was laid-off after 24 years working with the same employer. This hardship was terrifying to our family and certainly me, as I was in approaching my senior year and college applications. My parents continued to encourage me to apply and not give up on my dream for higher education. He was able to gain employment, however at a $10 less an hour, starting over. My parents continued support and love is something I am most proud of.
I live in North Fair Oaks – ability to overcome environmental obstacles
Interesting facts – Did you know?
o The overall crime rate in North Fair Oaks is 26% higher than the national average.
o For every 100,000 people, there are 10.26 daily crimes that occur in North Fair Oaks.
o North Fair Oaks is safer than 23% of the cities in the United States.
o In North Fair Oaks you have a 1 in 27 chance of becoming a victim of any crime.
o There are approximately n/a public schools in North Fair Oaks.
o 60.0% of people in North Fair Oaks have completed 8th grade.
o 55.4% of people in North Fair Oaks have completed high school.
o 19.4% of people in North Fair Oaks have completed a bachelors degree.
o The number of total year over year crimes in North Fair Oaks has decreased by 1%
o The income per capita in North Fair Oaks is 17% lower than the national average.
o The median household income in North Fair Oaks is 5% higher than the national average.
o Male median earnings are 41% higher than female median earnings.
o The unemployment rate in North Fair Oaks is 45% higher than the national average.
o The poverty level in North Fair Oaks is 71% higher than the national average.
o The cost of housing in North Fair Oaks is 169% higher than the national average.

Daniel – Accepted into 4-year college (Sonoma State, Chico State and Los Angeles State Universities) – seeking to obtain bachelors degree in Fire Protection and Technology, as first generation college student.

Daniel – currently has been working part time at Geotz Brothers Sports Wear, a family owned and operated business for over 70 years. Daniel began his employment Summer as a sales associate. Able to use his personal experience and passion in sports (baseball, football, soccer,basketball, etc…).
As been a volunteer for American Little League Umpire (2011-2014)
Volunteers as assistant coach for AYSO Soccer League (ages 7-9) in 2013, 2014
Academic GPA is 3.60 – in good academic standing. Has been a member of the high school baseball team for 3 years (2014-2016).

Disability – Dyslexia, Attention Deficit Disorder, Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.
I have been able to overcome my disabilities and succeed.
In elementary school, I struggled to read and stay focused in class. At first I felt dumb and did not want to go to school. It wasnt until I was in the 4th grade that I was accurately diagnosed with Dyslexia and ADD that I began to understand that I just had to learn new techniques to reading and retaining information.
Initially, school was not anything I was interested in – that dramatically changed when I was accepted into Summit College Preparatory High School. I was taught
Initially, school was not anything I was interested in – that dramatically changed when I was accepted into Summit College Preparatory High School. I learned to believe that I was capable of college and career readiness. Believing every student is capable of high levels of academic and social achievement. Maximizing on my potential. “Students benefit from a diverse school environment that mirrors our complex world, and deepens both academic and social learning”.

In 2010 (or at the age of 11) registered into the Redwood City Junior Fire Academy – to learn the basics of what it means to be a Firefighter. Exposed and learned Basic First-Aid, CPR/AED training, PG&E Home Gas and Electrical Safety, CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) and a variety of fire ground evolutions. Participants develop life long skills not only learning about emergency preparedness, but also how to work together to accomplish tasks. This opportunity opened up eyes to develop and stay on the path of my true dream of becoming a Fire Fighter, serving my community. I continue to be a returning volunteer still today as a Counselor. This path allowed me the to apply and be selected in the San Mateo Explorer Program (ages 14-19) in 2014. Exploring allows these individuals to take part in classroom and hands-on fire-suppression training. (2014 – present ) Currently still an active member of the San Mateo Fire Explorer Program.

Fire Explorers:
• Are allowed to ride along with firefighters and assist on emergency scenes
• Take an active part in public relations activities for the San Mateo Fire Department
Meet on a regular basis to continue learning about new equipment and procedures and to discuss experiences gained from ride-alongs
North Fair Oaks Youth Initiative
The North Fair Oaks Koshland Civic Unity Fellows are part of The San Francisco Foundations Koshland Civic Unity program designed to “promote civic unity by building mutual respect among diverse people … and encouraging small, voluntary efforts to address neighborhood problems.” All Fellows are residents of or committed workers within North Fair Oaks. Since 2009, we have met to develop leadership, strengthen community, learn more about North Fair Oaks needs and interests, and to plan a community based project.

Program promotes civic unity by building mutual respect among diverse residents in the community and encourages small, voluntary efforts to address neighborhood issues in North Fair Oaks, such as, safety, youth violence, health disparities, and the multiple challenges that face the undocumented immigrant population.

I have been involved in community service for several years. In 2012, was selected to be a member of the grounding breaking youth initiative program – North Fair Oaks Youth Initiative, where the goal is to strengthen community ben engaging youth as leaders. Activities included, youth leadership development and facilitation training; team building projects and activities; organized a youth conference and designed a mini-grant program.
o Volunteered in “Keeping It Clean” (North Fair Oaks Clean Up Day)
o New Voices for Youth and Film Festival (2014)
o Co-lead the 1st Mini-Grants sub-committee, where mini-grant proposals were submitted and awarded to benefit expansion and creation of North Fair Oaks after school program and extracurricular activities that focus on physical health, mental health, and visual arts for youth ages 8 to 18. As co-leader, I facilitated workgroups, assisted in developed of outreach plan, and screening proposal criteria.
Global Glimpse – Becoming a Leader of tomorrow
In Summer of 2015, I traveled to Dominican Republic as part of the Global Glimpse organization. I had first-hand exposure to different a different countries culture, inequality and poverty. Seeking these disparities through my own eyes. I learned how to collaborate with locals and tackle challenges and build powerful relationships. It was a three week program.
Global Glimpse focuses on accessibility, sustainability, and scalability. We have developed an innovative and effective grassroots model that leverages volunteer support from public high school educators to make experiential education abroad accessible to students from all socioeconomic backgrounds. Global Glimpse programs are intentionally designed to provide our students with a powerful hands-on cross-cultural education experience that cultivates leadership, self-exploration and global citizenship.