How the advanced practice nurse can use facilitation


Rubric Comments

Introduction- should be 1 page

Practicum Learning Plan- I provided a completed copy, insert the copy here, this should help guide the writing for this paper. You do not need to make changes to this.

Literature Review- this is the most difficult section of the paper. This should be 8 pages. I have provided examples of literature reviews that where provided by the instructor, a grading rubric specific to this and guidelines provided by the instructor. Please use the learning plan to help with this.

Setting- When writing this use hospital xxx and I will change to the actual name of the hospital. The environment is a small community hospital. The hospital has 6 intensive care unit beds, 13 specialty care beds and 97 acute-care beds with 65 active physicians. The emergency department sees 23,000 patients per year, if you want use the name of the city or country, just put what you want and I will change it, for example if you write city, I will change it to the name of the city. This should be no more than one page
Preceptor- This is a short bio of my preceptor you can use to write this section. I changed her name and her Auntie name with XXX, where I need to use her name just put XXX and I will change it
XXX, MSN, BSN, RN chose to be a nurse when she was 8 years old due to the inspiration of her Auntie, XXX, who was a missionary nurse to Addis Abba, Ethiopia. Auntie XXX taught nursing at a mission college and ministered to a leper colony.
XXX philosophy is twofold; “People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care” and “Safety is our most important work”.
XXX has 33 years of working experience in Medical/Surgical, Intensive Care, Obstetrics, Emergency Department, Home Health, Hospice, Pediatrics and Informatics. XXX has served in leadership roles such as House Supervision, Director of all In-Patient Hospital nursing units, as well as Chair of a Hospital Campus Steering Committee. She enjoys Community Education and has taught community Depression Recovery classes, Vegetarian/Vegan cooking, and Lifestyle Matters disease prevention and community health classes.
XXX is passionate about every individual’s opportunity to make a difference. She considers nursing to be a calling, and an incredible gift of service that can make that difference – one life at a time. This should be no more than one page.

Evaluation- you do not need to complete this section. Please just put the header and I will insert the evaluation.

Conclusion- this should be one page

Preceptor and Agency agreements- you do not need to do anything with this section.

Resource List- this needs to be done in APA format