How much of every dollar that you earn should you be entitled to keep?

Section 1: The following are current controversial political issues in the United States. Consider this to be a debate on paper, please present both sides of the issue to receive full credit. Answers must be factual and not based solely on opinion. Opinions may be used in the conclusion, however credible info must be provided to support any opinions to receive credit. Additional topics may be added during the semester. This assignment is worth 40 points.
Voter ID laws Agenda 21 Issue of your Choosing
Mandatory Vaccines NSA Fast and Furious
NDAA / Patriot Act Drones Iran deal
Gun Regulations Benghazi Common Core
Section 2: Research the following forms or theories of government listed below and discuss.
A. Communism B. Marxist
C. Socialism D. Monarchy
E. Republic F. Dictator
G. Totalitarianism H. Tyranny
I. Anarchy
Section 3: Examine the following historical documents: the U.S. Constitution, the Articles of Confederation, Declaration of Independence and the Federalist Papers. Use sources below or site your own sources and complete the following questions for each document and discuss.
1. Date(s) of Document:
2. Author(s) of Document:
3. What was the purpose, goal or intent?
Section 4: Research the power struggle between the state and federal government. Give examples. Give examples of elected officials abusing their power. Discuss.
Section 5:
a. What is the Federal Reserve?
b. What is the Free Market?
c. Currently the United States is in debt. What is the current debt amount? How did the United States become so far in debt? If you were able to decide the tax structure, what would you choose (flat, fair, progressive) and why? Should individuals that do not pay into the tax structure be entitled to receive or benefit from taxes? Why? How much of every dollar that you earn should you be entitled to keep?
d. SPENDING: Name 10 things the local, 10 things the state and 10 things the federal government spend the taxpayers money on.
e. Create a personal budget, assume you get a job upon graduation, figure out your salary at an entry level position; gross and net, subtract the local, state and federal taxes, the mortgage or rent and home owners insurance, food, pg and e, car insurance and car payment, health insurance and co-pays, vision, dental, gas, phone, cable, internet, prescriptions, household items, necessities (CLOTHING AND PERSONAL ITEMS), if children are included then you must include the cost of raising them (day care, medical expenses etc.)
Section 6: List local, state and federal politicians currently in office. Include all politicians in your local district, in your state and federal. This includes your school board member, city council member or supervisor. Not all elected officials are in your district; make sure you only list your elected officials. List your politicians name, position, party affiliation. DO NOT LIST ALL MEMBERS OF CITY COUNCIL, HOUSE OF REPRESENTATIVES
Section 7:
1. What is an executive order?
2. How many executive orders has your current President signed?
3. Discuss the most unusual order you could find.
1. List all of the current Czars, their title and salary.
2. How do they obtain their position?

Section 8: Judges
Name local Judges and their party.
Name all Ca Supreme Court Judges and their party.
Name all U.S. Supreme Court Judges and their party.
What power do judges have according to article 3?

Section 9: Choose four media news sources to evaluate. Feel free to use any source that we have used in class. Which source gives the consumer more information or covers more topics of importance? Who owns the media sources? Which political party do they donate funds to? Find evidence of bias headings or biased reporting from one left and one right source? Papers must have two left leaning and two right leaning sources. Discuss.
Section 10: Conduct a poll of 10 people on political issues. Ask 10 political questions of 10 topics. You may use topics discussed in the course as your questions. List your questions. Questions must be college level questions. Discuss.
Section 11: Discuss 4 political parties of your choice and their platforms. What have you learned about the different political parties?
Section 12: Research the following 12 organizations. 6 are from the left and 6 are from the right. Add 2 of your own.
Move on Media matters
Tides Foundation Weather underground
Center for American Progress Organizing for America
Media research center Freedom works
Heritage foundation Center for Self Governance
Human events National Review
Section 13: Research and explain what a bond, prop, absentee ballot, provisional ballot and office block ballot are. Check California Secretary of State for anything cleared for the next election. If there is a bond or prop, please list.

Conclusion: What have your learned completing this assignment? Discuss.