How is this related to virtue good and reason?

Directions: The answers to the essay questions should include a critical analysis and an in depth examination of the issue in question. A critical analysis should NOT be simply an explanation of the arguments or of the view in question but should also include your assessment of whether the authors arguments are good or bad, and why. It should also include an explanation of your personal view and a philosophical defense of it.

Format: The document should have 1-inch margins. The answer should be in Times New Roman size 12 font and double-spaced. Please write out the complete question. The questions can be single-spaced and bold. The answers MUST be double spaced! Please make sure you put your name, the assignment #, the title of the course, and the date. Also number your pages.

Turning in the Assignment: Students will upload their completed document to Google Drive and share it with me (Dr. Cantens). Please name your assignment “VE-Your Last Name-Assignment #”.

1. What is ethics? What is ethics method and goal according to Aristotle? How is virtue ethics different from consequentialism and deontology?

2. Explain the five elements of Greek virtue ethics. Elaborate on each of these elements.

3. Explain Aristotles notion of happiness in Book I of the Nicomachean Ethics. (Why does it have to be complete and self-sufficient? How is this related to virtue, good and reason? How is it related to “the function of humans”? Can we be both ethical and happy? How is this possible? How do we achieve happiness? Can a virtuous person lose their happiness?)