How is its destination at Indias western coast significant?

Third Prewriting (in response to Gandhi from 1:24 to 2:19)

As you watch Gandhi from 1:24 to 2:19, consider the questions below. Compose a careful, factual answer to each:

1. If the Amritsar Massacre (1919) was the British Empires strongest statement to the Indian independence movement, Gandhis Salt March (1930) is the Indians belated answer. Gandhi scheduled the march to end on the anniversary of the Amritsar Massacre. How does the Salt March answer the Amritsar Massacre?

2. How is the march itself significant?

3. How is its destination at Indias western coast significant?

4. What does salt represent?

5. What are the two ways of being Indian that meet each other at the Dharsana Salt Works as the lathis (clubs) come crashing down?

6. What discipline is required of each side? How are they similar? How are they different?

7. There are no casualties on one side; all the casualties and injuries are on the other side. How could those casualties mean Indian self-rule?

4-pages, original title, MLA format, using quotations as you judge fit but without parenthetical citations or a works cited page. Make each answer a few independent sentences, and number your answers. Make your answers factual and particular so as to give you material for your essay. Avoid the phrases “for example” or “this shows.” Make your answers and their illustrations an organic whole.

I will upload the info that you will need to complete the essay.