How have you changed as a result of taking this disability class?

There are 3 different assignments due.


Assignment 1


One of the goals of this class is to develop competency in understanding the disability experience and interacting appropriately with people with disabilities. 1

). How have you changed as a result of taking this disability class?

2). Identify at least three different examples of class activities, information, or presentations that contributed to this change. You can use the example of Jesse Billauer as a first one, Jacqueline Jackson as the second, and the murder ball video ( Wheelchair Rugby Team). All of the examples above were presentaions in class.

3). Describe at least two specific examples of how you will demonstrate competency in interactions with people with disabilities due to the information and experiences provided by this class.

4). How will this information impact your future career?

5). How will you act as an “ally” in protecting this course and ensuring the education of the disability experience remains a priority at this school?

Reminder: Essays must be typed using the format above, double spaced, and at least one full page in length (approximately 250 words or more).


Assignment 2:


Community service opportunities – Donations to the Jesse Billauers’ Life Rolls On Organization.. You would write a short summary of how your donations supported people with disabilities. 150 words ( I donated $75 and got some clothing from this organization to support them. I got clothing like a t shirt and a baseball hat)


Assignment 3


Find an article on disability experience and summarize the article – many students chose to write about Robin Williams (comedian) who died from depression and mental health issues. 100-150 words