How have these changes led to the need to focus on graduation and learning?

  • Application: The Critical Components of Higher Education (Part 1)

    This week, you will get started on your Course Project. Start by reviewing the scenario presented in the Course Project Overview section of Week 1. Your task this week will be to prepare a short narrative relating student interests to the board’s challenges, including a discussion of how changing student demographics have led to the board’s concerns over graduation rates and student learning.

    Using the readings and other resources provided this week, write 23 pages on the following questions:


1.      Why are the issues of student learning and graduation important now?


2.      How have college students’ needs and interests related to college attendance changed in recent years?


3.      How have these changes led to the need to focus on graduation and learning?


To inform your narrative, you will want to consider the kind of institution you are writing about, and the kinds of students it serves. You can choose one of the fictional institutions described in one of these profiles linked below; or, if you currently work at a college or university, you can use your own institution and create a similar profile for that institution. If you choose to use your own institution, just include your profile as a separate page in your assignment.


You may organize your paper any way you wish, but consider using headings to help the reader follow your arguments. Be sure to include citations for the readings and resources you use as sources.




Next week, you will add your Week 4 Application Assignment to this paper, ensure it is formatted correctly in APA style, and submit it as one assignment. In Week 7, you will incorporate this work into your Course Project.




Assignment Length: 23 pages