How does social media affect couples who are dating married or in a long-term relationship?

Identity is a construct that encompasses the way we think about ourselves and our role in
larger social environments; identity is enacted through social interactions with others and our
relationships with them. Along one continuum, identity can be understood as containing both
individual, personal differentiators (such as ones personal history) as well as components
related to ones role in social groups. How does social media influence how we construct our
identities? Consider the essay from the text and those posted online when answering this
b) With children and teens today having smart phones equipped with the ability to utilize
many social media apps, they are constantly posting events and happenings to the various sites.
They also have the ability to be anonymous on many sites and speak with honesty and candor
they are unable to use in their everyday lives. How has the technology affected how the
younger generation forms their identities versus how you went through the process just a few
years ago. Remember to highlight the good and bad changes as you explain the differences in
the process.
c) How will the constant tracking of an individual over the course of his or her formative years
affect how he or she forms an identity? Consider the companies working in the background to
influence the individuals choices. Discuss how this helps individuals and hampers them as
Topic #3: How does technology define us as individuals? As a society?
Does technology allow us to be a better, more connected society? How does it affect the
individual, the family, and the community?
Other Ideas:
How has social media and apps changed the way we communicate with one another? Consider dating,
friendship, family and other ways in which we communicate and interact.
How does social media influence the way political, civil, and social activism is conducted? Are these
changes for the better?
How does social media affect couples who are dating, married or in a long-term relationship?
Does social media promote a celebrity culture among young people? If so, is it healthy or realistic?
Should employers have the right to hire or fire a person for what he or she posts on social media? Should
schools have the same right with their students?