How do you experience the element of space in this structure?

Introduction. Identify the architect, location, function, and style of the work.

2. Description and Personal Reaction.

Exterior. Observe the building from across the street. Describe your initial impression of the building from the exterior. What is your overall reaction to the work as you encounter it from different angles or entrances?

Interior. After making your observations from the outside, enter the building. Describe your initial impression of this structure from the inside. From different floors. Does the structure give you a particular feeling? Identify and describe the feelings/impressions you experience in this environment.

3. Structure and Materials. Describe the materials used to make this building. Are they used effectively? Do you notice a difference in approach to the materials in areas? Do the materials work well together? Are they harmonious? Is there a particular focal point to the structure?

4. Context. How does this structure fit in its location? Is it like other buildings surrounding it? Is it different? How?

5. Space. How do you experience the element of space in this structure? Give a vivid description.

6. Describe the architects use and consideration of any TWO of the following:

Line: vertical, horizontal, diagonal? organic, geometric? defined or implied?

Shape: rectilinear, curvilinear? idealized, naturalistic, distorted, abstract?

Color: hue, value, intensity? expressive qualities (descriptive, emotional, symbolic)?

7. Conclusion / Reflection. Would you consider this work beautiful? Why or why not?

8. Writing Skills. Using MLA format, present your thoughts in clear, well-organized, correct, and specific prose.