How can the nurse specifically impact the health of an individualor familyor community

How can the nurse specifically impact the health of an individual/family/community

Must write a reflective paper on how a nursing student (like yourself) was able to meet all these student learning outcomes this semester. There are questions at the end that should be answered as well. This semester revolved around community base nursing care; learning how to care and partake in community volunteer work as a student nurse. This semester was interrupted by a pandemic, however, nursing school must go on, so this paper should self-reflect how each course outcome was still met throughout these past 16 weeks. No sources are required, but can be used if necessary. 6-7 pages, APA format.
Student Learning Outcomes & Enabling Objectives
1. Synthesize appropriate skills, knowledge and attitudes, while implementing population focused nursing process to diverse populations.
a. Consistently apply analysis of the interaction among global, cultural and socioeconomic factors to influence health and wellness of populations and communities.
2. Assist community-based clients with illness self-management to maintain the highest possible level of health and wellness in coordination with multidisciplinary health and social services providers.
a. Synthesize epidemiologic data and research findings from multiple disciplines to facilitate and evaluate evidenced-based practice in the community.
b. Analyze and evaluate the effectiveness of interactive relationships with family and population clients, interdisciplinary groups, and community organizations.
3. Apply the principles of epidemiology and environmental health, nursing practice guidelines, protocols, and national prevention initiatives in conducting a community health assessment and designing a community focused health promotion plan.
a. Examine the role of the nurse in emergency response and management plans.
b. Analyze healthcare delivery systems in relation to best practices in the community.
4. Apply critical thinking and decision-making to community contexts in relation to assessment, resource utilization, program development, policy formation, and interventions with persons, families and populations in order to promote the health of the public.
a. Integrate evidence-based guidelines for health promotion and disease prevention with client values and clinical expertise in the provision of nursing care to individuals, families and populations.
b. Evaluate strategies that can be used by public and community health nurses to improve the health status of vulnerable populations.

Respond to Essential Questions
1. What are the unique elements specific to nursing practice in the community setting?
2. What is the nurse’s role in the overall health of the community?
3. How can the nurse specifically impact the health of an individual/family/community 4. What resources are available to support community health?