How can schools and parents reach kids before they become sexually active?

The second half of the assignment will include the Applications piece which uses the Analysis piece as its foundation. This portion of the paper will include recommendations that could be used to address and improve the situation (e.g., what needs to happen in the future) analyzed in the first portion of the paper. Application requires the development of ideas based on the writings of published experts reviewed in the first portion of the paper (with proper citation, of course). First, you analyzed an issue and now you will demonstrate the ability to apply what you have learned and suggest possible solutions and/or future research or programs. For example, if the Analysis portion of your paper focused on attachment issues that adopted children may face, the Application portion of your paper should discuss ways that the Social Services system, adoptive parents, and therapists can both prevent and treat such attachment issues. Another example: discuss the issues that adolescents face as they reach puberty and begin to develop sexually (analysis portion). Discuss issues related to STD’s, teen pregnancy, and the emotional implications of becoming sexually active as a teen. For the Application portion, discuss what types of programs you feel could be helpful in educating teens about the risks of sexual behavior. How can schools and parents reach kids before they become sexually active?

Your paper must be developed using research material from at least five sources. One of these sources may be your textbook. You may also use the web for some of your material. HOWEVER, please note that “popular” websites (e.g., WebMD, Time Magazine, etc…) do not qualify as scholarly sources, and that Wikipedia is NOT an acceptable source for an academic paper. All sources must be listed on a “References” page using correct APA citation format. You must include an Abstract Page and properly format your Title Page (e.g., using header and page number in upper right hand corner and Running head). You must also cite sources within the body of your paper whenever you directly quote or paraphrase from an outside source. Both the citations in the paper body and on the reference page must be formatted per the rules of the American Psychological Association (APA), 5th Edition. Your papers should each contain a cover page with your name and the title. Papers are to be typed and double-spaced throughout using a font size no larger than size 12. The pages should be full and margins should be no larger than 1 inch on all sides (except for the top margin, which should be 0.75?). The cover page and references page do not count toward the 8-page minimum length of the paper.