1.    Choose an ecuadorian product (from South America, Ecuador) of the list to export2.    You will be asigned a country to export the product. (IN THIS CASE, MIDDLE EAST, TURKEY)3.    Research and prepare the cultural information to enter to this market an negociate with their business people. The essay has to be divided in the following parts:1.    Introduction2.    Why do we choose that product? (ECONOMIC SKILLS ABOUT CHOOSING THAT PRODUCT, LACK OF THAT PRODUCT IN TURKEY, ETC)3.    Cultural information and research about turkey.4.    Intercultural communication techniques to enter the market (ADAPTING, ACCEPTANCE, INTEGRATION, AVOIDING STEREOTYPES, ETC).5.    Conclusion


THE ESSAY MOST HAVE 10 TO 12 PAGE.AND MOST IMPORTANT APA FORMAT.Ecuadorian product list:1.    Crude oil: US$5.1 billion (down -19.6% since 2009)2.    Bananas, plantains: $2.7 billion (up 37.4%)3.    Crustaceans (including lobsters): $2.6 billion (up 288.5%)4.    Fish, caviar (preserved/prepared): $896.3 million (up 43.1%)5.    Fresh or dried flowers (for bouquets, ornamental): $802.5 million (up 46.8%)6.    Cocoa beans: $622 million (up 81.5%)7.    Processed petroleum oils: $380.8 million (down -36%)8.    Gold (unwrought): $261.9 million (up 387.2%)9.    Palm oil: $228.2 million (up 61.4%)10.    Inedible meat flour: $157.8 million (up 97.4%)11.    Coffee/tea extracts, concentrates: $129.6 million (up 39.6%)12.    Sawn wood: $122.3 million (up 142.2%)13.    Miscellaneous preserved fruits: $119.6 million (up 40.3%)14.    Frozen vegetables: $97.2 million (up 2,867%)15.    Fish fillets, pieces: $91.5 million (down -31.4%)16.    Particle board, other ligneous materials: $90.7 million (up 162.8%)17.    Whole fish (frozen): $88.3 million (up 39.3%)18.    Dates/figs/pineapples/mangoes/avocadoes/guavas: $82.7 million (up 22.8%)19.    Iron and steel stoves, barbecues: $70.5 million (down -16.8%)20.    Sugar (cane or beet): $66.3 million (up 1,045%)

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