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This is a paper that requires you to outline the challenges facing Texas Water Supply. The paper also provides additional information to use in writing the assignment questions well.,Outline the challenges facing Texas Water Supply,Assignment 7 – Texas Water Supply, Write a paper that outlines the challenges facing Texas Water Supply.  Firstly, in what ways does water play a critical role in the economy of Texas?  Secondly, contrast the different water resources (surface and ground).  Thirdly, what adaptation could be employed to extend water resources?  Fourthly, what types of policies are needed?  Also, what are some consequences of inaction?  If you have any personal experiences or stories about water issues in Texas include.,Guiding questions, What ways do surface and groundwater resources differ?  How has dam construction impacted the environment of Texas, in what ways have they been good/bad for water security?  What is unique about Texas Water Law?  What ways is water an issue that divides Texans (i.e. rural versus urban populations)? Also, what is the role of water in defining the ,physiographic regions of Texas,? How have human modifications of rivers impacted the Texas Gulf Coast?,Assignment 9 – Human-Environment Relationship, Write a paper about the human-environment relationship between Texans and Texas. Firstly, in what ways have Texan’s utilized the environment for benefits?  Secondly, what impacts have Texans made on the environment? Thirdly, what resources are associated with Texas in popular culture? Fourthly, how have Texan preserved Natural Heritage and how has it been degraded?,Outline the challenges facing Texas Water Supply,Assignment 11 – Diversity of Texans, Write a paper about the diversity of Texans. Firstly, how does the stereotypical image of a Texan differ from the real composition of the Texan Population? In what ways is the stereotype true? What is the source of Texan diversity? How with some many types of people does a Texan identity emerge?  What is a Native Texan in your opinion?,Assignment 12 – Texas Economy, Many reports and news outlets talks about Texas Economy as a whole, for this assignment you should talk about the local variation that exists in the economy.  While Texas Economy maybe seen as growing, locally the economy varies, with some parts of Texas doing very well, while other not performing.  How does unemployment vary in the state?  How does industry vary?  What types of divides are seen in Texas?  How do the economics of Texas compare to the regions of Texas?   Look for maps of Texas economy and include in your paper to support your argument.,Guiding questions, What is the Texan Economic Model? What are the industries of Texas?,Attachments,Click Here To Download,

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