Heart Failure and How readmission can be decreased


Nursing research and statistics

This paper is an academic exercise, not for publication. In your next semester you will work further on your data with your advisor, obtain IRB approvals, if applicable, and have real data. Until then you will run mock data on SPSS, or use the public data sets that you have obtained, so that you have prepared your codebook and thought through to your results section in a deeper way. This exercise helps you prevent spending a lot of time on merging data sets only to find out it did not have the one variable you really needed.

You will use the IMRaD format for the paper.
I Introduction
M Methods
R Results
D Discussion

Here are a couple of links that describe IMRaD in more detail:

Please begin your paper with this statement: ?This paper is based on mock data and will not be published in this form until IRB approval and real data has been collected.?

You must clearly state which of your variables, or if the entire dataset, is mock or combination. Mock data simply means that you are going to ?make up? your data set by filling into an SPSS spreadsheet the answers to the data you plan to collect.

The paper may not be longer than 15 pages excluding the Title, Abstract, and Reference pages. You must use APA format. PLEASE NOTE that 25% of your grade is format, correct grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc.

Be sure that you pay close attention to these requirements. Submit your SPSS codebook in an appendix, along with a bullet point description of the steps you took for analysis.